The Only Constant is Change

Occasionally we each find ourselves re-evaluating our plans. This is one of those times for me. I have been thinking at length about the format I have been using for this blog, and I think that I have been missing the opportunity of more fully exploring the topics being addressed. Additionally, my writing has been […]

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Give Me Fifteen Minutes

By this point in the year, many of us have completely abandoned our New Year’s Resolutions in favor for a previous status quo.   The enthusiasm was there for the first few days, maybe even weeks, but the  hopefulness of  new results in life may have been overcome by any of a multitude of negative […]

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Ten Things to do Before Buying a New Car

I am a car guy. Not everyone is, and you don’t have to be a car guy to be a man of style or substance, but I am unabashedly a car guy. I love them, old and new, practical and exotic, fun and functional. I love cars. I love driving them fast in straight lines […]

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Fashion vs. Style

Through this blog, I’ve presented some information about creating an individual style. I’ve spent most of that time suggesting that individual style is an outgrowth of things other than the fashion industry. Today, I want to take a few minutes to emphasize the role that the fashion industry can play in assisting that process. All […]

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From Tears to Resolute

This weekend I went with my son and the local scout troop on a winter camp out. Living in Utah, this camp out was destined to include some cold, some sledding, and lots of snow. We had been talking about this camp out for several weeks, so when the day finally arrived, I figured we […]

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Resolutions or Goals?

The sounds of fireworks and celebrations are fading, and I am getting ready to close out the night and the year that was 2013, and I hear one of my children starting to talk about New Year’s Resolutions. His resolutions revolve around spending more time playing video games, which annoys my wife just a little […]

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Fitness for a Full Life

One of the most interesting things that I have watched during the past several years has been the rise of the health and wellness industry. Grossing in the hundreds of billions of dollars, even during the recent recession, it is easily one of the juggernauts of our current economy. Several pundits have connected the baby […]

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