A shift in my blog?

Recently I have been talking to a friend of mine, a long time blogger and writer, about the simple act of blogging. I told him about my blog.  I told him that I felt a great desire to produce meaningful content for each of my blogs.  I also expressed to him how draining it sometimes […]

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Rituals for Style and Substance

Rituals are interesting.  Rituals are often highly stylized interactions, with particular requirements of participants.  They are often used to help mark a passage of events in life, imbuing them with a significance that might be missed were it not for the attention that the ritual draws to it.  In times both past and present rituals […]

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Fitness: Three Levels, Three Components, Part 2

In my last post, I discussed the the process that brought me to a place where fitness began to be important to me.  I also mentioned the three components that made up a major part of the fitness equation.  In this post, which will be quite a bit shorter, I will share the way that […]

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Fitness: Three Levels, Three Components, Part 1

Before I say anything else in this post, let me begin by saying that I am not a fitness industry professional.  I am not a certified physical trainer, therapist, nutritionist, instructor or clinician of any kind.  Furthermore, I am not trying to put myself across as one.  Instead, what I am hoping to do with […]

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A New Approach

For some of you that follow or have followed me in the past, I want to apologize.  I have not been as reliable nor as focused as I should have been.  I owe it to you, those who will take the time to read this blog, to be more of both of those qualities.  For […]

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The Only Constant is Change

Occasionally we each find ourselves re-evaluating our plans. This is one of those times for me. I have been thinking at length about the format I have been using for this blog, and I think that I have been missing the opportunity of more fully exploring the topics being addressed. Additionally, my writing has been […]

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Give Me Fifteen Minutes

By this point in the year, many of us have completely abandoned our New Year’s Resolutions in favor for a previous status quo.   The enthusiasm was there for the first few days, maybe even weeks, but the  hopefulness of  new results in life may have been overcome by any of a multitude of negative […]

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