Five Reasons for Penmanship

I admit, as I begin this post, that it is somewhat ironic.  After all, typing a blog post intended to be a defense of handwriting is about as ironic as it gets.  However, the topic has been on my mind for some time.  I believe that good penmanship is a mark of a gentleman of […]

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Self integrity

I woke up on Thursday morning, and it was sleeting.  Not rain,  not snow, sleet!  And while it wasn’t sleeting hard, it was just hard enough to ensure that any clothing that wasn’t waterproof would soak through quickly. Dark. Sleet.  It seemed that this was a perfect time to spend the morning in bed. But […]

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Reinvigorating your Wardrobe – Ideas from Combatgent.

I really loved this article.  Concise and well written, it was a great reminder to look through the collection of clothing and decide what really deserves to stay and what should be sent on its way. Combatgent is one of my favorite finds of the last year.  I love the approach that they are […]


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The Art of Good First Impressions

I was reading through a series of invitations regarding Networking events and it started me thinking about all the times I’ve had to introduce myself.  Whether at a social event, as part of a new volunteer group or at a job interview, self introductions are always one of the things that freak me out a […]

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Graceful Gift Getting

I know, I know, some of you out there may be thinking to yourselves, “What kind of a lame post is this?  Gentleman of substance talking about getting gifts?  What’s up with that?!”  but follow me here. You probably know someone who lets everyone know exactly what they think of the gifts they receive with […]

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Turning 40

My sister in law asked several of us if we had any advice we would give to get husband who is turning 40. It’s caused me to think a lot about the things that have happened in the past 5 years since I hit that milestone, so I’m leaving a few things that i wish […]

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Selecting My Measuring Sticks

Years ago, during a conversation with one of my mentors, we discussed measuring sticks.  Measuring sticks, score cards, stock portfolios, statements of net worth, at some point in time, we all come face to face with the twin realities that 1) we all have measuring sticks and 2) they never show the whole story.  During […]

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