Today, one of my brothers-in-law got married!  It was a wonderful and beautiful ceremony, with both the bride and the groom looking happy and hopeful. And why shouldn’t they?  They are taking a wonderful leap of faith during difficult times, but it is a leap that parents and siblings before them have successfully taken so they have a pattern to follow.

As the day wore into evening and we prepared for the reception, I took a few moments to reflect on my own journey through marriage.  And as I gave him my only piece of advice, I knew that I had found my next post topic.

My bride and I married nearly 21years ago.  That certainly isn’t a record, bit it is substantial none the less.  Those years have seen highs and lows, joys and sorrows, petty arguments and epic quarrels and wonderful moments of making up afterwards.  It’s been a journey with a fair share of bumps along the way, but it has also been filled with joy and happiness borne of our working together. And that was what formed the context of my advice to him.

I told him that a wedding marks the beginning of the greatest and hardest adventure of a lifetime. I also told him that had I known all the ups and downs along the way, I would still have gone ahead just as planned because it has all been worth it.

Weddings are certainly a high point of style and are also a testament to the changeable nature of style.  But marriages are created through substance, through love and determination and grit and an unyielding trust that puts the good of the couple ahead of the good of the self.  And with that going for this couple, or any couple for that matter, I’m sure they’re marriage will be happy and long and full of substance.

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