Accessories for the Suit

Some time ago, while my wife and I were getting dressed in something other than casual wear, she asked me which  necklace and earrings to wear.  After providing my opinion I commented on the vast selection she had in the way of accessories and that men have very few.  However, I have also learned that being aware of the options available and selecting among them wisely can truly make or break an otherwise perfect wardrobe selection. 

In this posting I will mention a few of the categories that today’s gentleman should consider when creating a wardrobe.  Future posts will deal with some of the specifics in choosing for the type of statement being considered.

The tie is obviously one accessory to be considered.  Selecting the right tie can send messages of power and confidence. The selection can also show how in step with fashion the wearer is.  Classical or Retro, chic or staid, no one tie is perfect for every situation.

Along with the tie goes jewelry intended to be worn with the tie, such as tacs, chains, collar pins and the like.

If one is wearing a French Cuff shirt, certainly thought must be given cuff link selection. Cuff links are not just about holding the ends of the sleeves together ; to the contrary, they are a wonderful opportunity for the wearer to show personality and flair in a way that is quiet and somewhat subdued.

Another item that should be considered carefully is the pen to be worn in the shirt pocket.  Even if an gentleman is simply going out for dinner or to another social function, the gentleman always carries a pen with him.  And a pen is for the gentleman what the necklace is for the woman. 

Shoes are also a matter of taste, flair and style for men as with women.  When dressing with a suit, leather shoes are normally called for.  Additionally the color of the leather should not only compliment the suit but should also match both belt and watch band, where appropriate.

Finally, details like lapel pins and pocket squares need to be considered.  While not necessary for all settings, either can provide a mark of distinction.

A lot to think about.  Are there any accessories for the gentleman’s suit that I have left out?   What do you think?


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