Of Endings and Beginnings

Well, the end of 2011 heralds the start of 2012, and with them come other changes, large and small.  Among those changes are some changes with this website, and the blending of the two blogs that I have been maintaining over the past couple of years into a single blog.  This is good for both me, the writer, and any readers, casual or committed.  For me, while I will have to be better at organizing the blog so that the reader can find information more easily, it means I have fewer things to keep track of.  Readers have much the same experience, except that the posts will become more frequent and more focused.

Another thing that is ending and beginning is my holiday rest and my reboot into an aggressive workout routine.  A friend, Kenn Johnson, and I are embarking on a New Year fitness challenge.  He will be working with Insanity, the workout program, while I am working with a tool called FitDeck along with Isagenix to see which program best helps us reduce body fat and improve fitness.  Both of us began today, and my body fat percentage of 22.1 was the higher of the two. . . that’s okay, it just gives me more to lose.  The fitness test will be measured by improvement in our individual 5 K times during the next Spare Change Challenge event.  Watch for information on all of this in future posts.

Well, set some resolutions, take time to reflect on the things that you want to be better in your life, and begin identifying the fundamental steps that you can take that will help you make progress toward those ideals, and you will find that this time next year will be joyous!


One thought on “Of Endings and Beginnings

  1. I’m not sure this plan was thought out very well! Three days in, and I have joints that hate me! Calling Insanity high-impact is an understatement. And so far, I’m finding it impossible to push through each daily 40-minute routine without several stops for breath. The experience in me tells me that my body will eventually adapt, that my knees will not hurt so much, and that I will be able to push harder as I keep moving forward. But for now? AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

    FYI, Todd, I ran my last timed 5k at 29:54. But that was back in September. If my recent running is to be taken as any indicator, last week I was able to knock out a mile in 8:16. Surely, I can’t maintain that for a full 5000 meters (yet). But I have been emboldened.

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