Dust off the tux

Recently, while preparing for a concert, I reaching in the back of my closet and pulled out my tuxedo. My tux. there is something suave and sophisticated about saying that you own a tux (doesn’t everyone) to say nothing of the feeling that comes over you when you check your reflection in the mirror as you adjust the bow tie. There’s a reason that nearly every James Bond film has 007 dressing in a tux at some point in the film, and it isn’t just because they are looking for sponsorship money from Brioni or whoever is supplying the garment. No, I think it has something to do with the way a man walks when he wears one.  When that garment is worn aman just exudes class and confidence .

During the course of the evening, I mentioned to one of my friends, also wearing a tux at the event, that a man should wear a tuxedo at least three times a year. When I mentioned that, he looked at me with some surprise and then smiled and said, “Yeah, that would be cool.  But where?”  Allow me to provide him, and you, with some ideas.

Before I go any farther, please understand that none of these ideas are provided with the intention of stroking your ego.  In fact, if you wear your tux for that reason, you may be dressing with style, but your substance will be sadly lacking.  No, the reason I suggest these ideas is to elevate the experience and your participation in them from the mundane to the keenly felt and mindfully experienced.  By stepping up your wardrobe, you will step up your awareness of the entire event, of the other people experiencing it with you, and the truly amazing time and place that we occupy in history.

The Theater 

By this, I’m not talking about the movies.  I’m talking about a play, a musical, an opera, a symphony, or some other activity of the performing arts where you will be watching.  Certainly, it isn’t always required, but going Black Tie to something like this elevates it from “well, we had tickets,” to “this is an event!”  More likely than not, few of the other patrons attending will be dressed as you are, to the nines.  However, those who are will recognize you.  And so will those who aren’t.

Out to Dinner 

Select a restaurant you wouldn’t normally go to and use it as a chance to wear the tux.  Warn your date, and have her wear a dress that is a touch more formal than she might otherwise wear, and be sure that you are ready for a few people to wonder what you are up to and where you are going next.  Let them wonder!

Host a Party 

One of my friends recently threw a birthday party and told everyone in the invitation that the event was black tie.  It was delightful; we all felt like we were at an event, not just a birthday party.

So there you are, just some ideas.  What ideas do you, dear reader, have for other places to wear the Tux?  Share them if you please.  I’m sure we would all love to have one or two more occasions to dress to the nines!



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