Graduation day!

While sitting at my daughters graduation exercises, I find myself more than a little contemplative.  Amidst the congratulations extended to the class (and the parents) are sprinkled nuggets of insight and wisdom gained through patient study and years of experience. 

And I am sure that none of them will remember any of it.

I say that because I honestly can’t remember anything from my own commencement exercises, and I was the student speaker at the event.  Talk about embarrassing.

Or is it.

I will be giving my daughter a card with some words if encouragement and wisdom, that I fully expect her yo file away someplace until she moves to her first home after college.   And even then, I’m not sure that she will appreciate all the life that has gone into gaining that wisdom, such as it is.

And that’s okay. 

It occurs to me that these exercises are less about giving them their final lessons and more about reminding them that they will.always have loving and supportive friends and family who will assist them in times if difficulty and strife.  That they have accomplished something of consequence once, and thus have the ability to do difficult things in the future.

They walk away with a few trinkets and a critical diploma.  We walk away having been reminded that they have the ability to overcome challenges in their future, and that we must let them try their wings while always keeping the home available as a recovery and recharging zone.

I’m glad I’m here being reminded that my daughter is a capable young woman.  I’m also glad that I have been fortunate enough to be her dad.

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