Why I Like Taking the Train

Today I am writing this post while riding the train into work.  Granted, I only ride part of the way, I bike the rest, but the post is being composed entirely on the train.  And that, my friends, is.the first reason I like riding the train: Multitasking without danger! 

If I were to be formulating a post while driving my car, I would be a significant danger to myself and everyone else on the road.  But riding the train lets me work while leaving the driving to someone else. This applies to all types of tasks that I occasionally struggle to find time for, like writing, but also including reading (both professional and for pleasure), reflection, banking, memorization for my next show, reviewing music, online shopping and multiple other activities.

The second reason I like taking the train is what I like to call the compression chamber effect. While it can be nice to drive to and from work, depending on your vehicle, driving while preparing for or decompressing from work is not always desirable. The train thus becomes a kind of ramp up and cool down zone, giving me one more tool to keep me sharp for work and making sure I don’t bring the stress of work home.

That brings me to my final point for today: predictability. With the freeway, I am subject to slowdowns from accidents and heavy traffic. In fact the drive home is sometimes more stressful than the day at work. When I take the train however I know when I will be home, regardless of the weather or traffic volume. And in our world, predictability is a rare thing indeed.

Obviously there are other advantages to taking the train. Please feel free to share them in the comments section, and happy traveling!

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