A Case to Suit Your Suit

Whether you are a newly graduated young man preparing for your first forays into the professional jungle, an experienced family man with a strong resume, a distinguished gentleman with a career that spans four decades or anything in between, one thing is certain: you have stuff you need to take to work.  Whether it’s a laptop, spare clothes for the gym or simply a lunch because you are watching your budget, you have stuff that needs to accompany you into work.

For a lot of guys, the decision of how to get that stuff from home to the cubicle or office is easy.  Grab a backpack one of the kids isn’t using.or the old gym bag held together with duct tape and you are good to go.  But if you are reading this blog, you obviously aren’t one of those guys.  You are aware that the case you choose is just as critical to your professional image as any other accessory, and therefore deserves at least a little thought and consideration.

The first thing I would suggest considering is the load it will carry.  If you typically carry very little, a thin case could be appropriate, while larger loads obviously demand a larger case. 

Another thing to consider is your office dress code.  If suit and tie is the norm, backpacks are likely out of place, but messenger bags might work.  Also consider that smoother lines give a more polished appearance than a lumpy, multipocket versapack.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, your personal taste and style become critical.  Do you see yourself as more rugged than refined?  Pebbled leather or a bag with a 19th century flair may be the perfect fit.  If the opposite is true,  smoother leathers and updated styling may better fit the bill.  Utilitarian and concerned about surviving the abuses of.the daily grind?  Hard sided aluminum cases come in all sizes. 

Whatever you choose, choose it because you feel that it works for you.  If you get something on a whim because you think you’ll become “that kind of person,” you’ll likely be unhappy with the purchase.  Trust me, I’ve made that mistake more times than I wish to count.

What other suggestions would you give to someone selecting a business case?   Share in the comments below.

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