Take a Walk

I love this time if year.  I find the change of seasons rejuvenating on so many levels and filled with so many memories.  Starting school each year and the beginning of the holiday season are always highlights, but one of the traditions our family has enjoyed perhaps more than any other has been the annual trip to look at the changing leaves in the mountains.

We live in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains in the western United States, and this provides a wonderful stage for observing the explosion of colors that is part of the onset of autumn.  Each year, around the first of October, we make a point of packing some snacks, some light jackets and  drive up the canyons to see the colors that paint the hillsides.  Red, orange, yellow, gold, maroon and splashes of green dominate the day as we make memories and play in the colling weather.

I guess I do this for my children because I loved it so much when I was young myself.  I would spend that time with my parents when I was young.  As I grew older I continued escaping to the mountains, this time alone and climbing in the rugged cliffs, testing my strength and resolve.  I wanted to prove that I had truly grown up, that I was equal to the challenges of being a man in thr modern world. 

I loved those times.

And I love them now.  I love them because they give me a chance to let go of the stress and be childlike again, if only for a little while.

As the first weekend in October arrives, make time to observe the world around you.  Walk amongst leaves changed and fallen in all their resplendent colors.  Take your children and leave your cares and find a measure of strength and solace in that time.