Travel with style

When I was young, travel was amazing and intriguing.  I watched movies and TV shows about people and families who visited interesting and amazing places and I was fascinated.  One of the things that stood out the most was that they always seemed so well put together, and it seemed so effortless.

As I got older, I realized more and more that the effortlessness portrayed was the result of good script writing, and the selection of destinations had much to do with attracting an audience, but the idea of traveling being something remarkable and dignified has never left.

Fast forward to the most recent business trip I took.  The vast majority of travelers looked more like they were going to the corner for milk and eggs than anything else.  Travel has become mundane, completely lacking in style, and I think that’s a shame.  So, with Thanksgiving coming and travel a given, I invite you to join me and make traveling with style your SOP.  Consider the following:

1. Travel comfortable, not casual. Jeans ans hoodies are fine for hanging out.  They may even be part of your selected wardrobe upon arrival, but five some.thought to slacks and a sweater for the actual journey.  Slacks can be more comfortable and less binding when sitting for long periods of time, and a quarter zip sweater over a polo or dress shirt is far more elegant and classy then the hooded alternative.

2.  Upgrade the carryon bag.  I’m not saying that a duffle bag isn’t extremely functional.  I’m saying that it is a little too functional, especially from the standpoint of.advertising.  Carrying a bag that has been designed to be a billboard for the company you bought it from is good for them, but does little for YOUR personal brand.  Consider finding something that reflects how you see yourself through fabrics or styling.  Also, recognize that a well packed rolling case can hold nearly as much as a comparable duffel bag while giving the air of sophistication and class, not sweat and gym class.

3.  Dress for your destination.  Checking the forecast for the destination and preparing to shed or don layers upon arrival is good.common sense.  But rather than burying or cramming the jacket, plan its placement so that movement through the airport is smooth and effortless.

With these thoughts in mind, enjoy your holiday travel.


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