Give Me Fifteen Minutes

By this point in the year, many of us have completely abandoned our New Year’s Resolutions in favor for a previous status quo.   The enthusiasm was there for the first few days, maybe even weeks, but the  hopefulness of  new results in life may have been overcome by any of a multitude of negative influences. Maybe friends gave us a bad time about the drastic nature of the changes.  Maybe the lack of observable results was disheartening.  Maybe we just underestimated the amount of energy the changes would require.  Whatever the reason, it is all too common that resolutions have been abandoned by this point.

Allow me, for a few minutes, to encourage you, as a man of substance, to not be common.

Instead of allowing the resolutions to fade, use the month of March as a time of re-commitment.  Don’t change the resolutions, don’t change the hopes for the future, and if you had money riding on the outcome, don’t ask to be let off the hook.

Instead, ask yourself, “What can I get done in fifteen minutes?”

Fifteen minutes.  A quarter of an hour.  Barely enough time to make a bowl of cereal or a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy it before running out the door, even if you do have a Keurig brewer.  Fifteen minutes, the time it takes to shower and dress for the day, including a quick touch up on the polish of your favorite shoes.

What else can you do in fifteen minutes?

Can you read a portion of a chapter from a book?

Can you take a quick walk around the parking lot where you work or the neighborhood?

Can you send a quick note to a spouse or a child?

Can you refocus yourself to a project for an extra burst of work toward completion?

Can you tidy up a cluttered corner of your desk, your home or your office?

Can you make a healthy snack, or walk somewhere to get one, instead of grabbing the nearest junk food?

Can you scribble down some ideas for that book or article you’ve always wanted to write?

Can you play a quick game with your kids?

Can you make the time really count?

Sometimes, all it takes is a willingness to be focused, unrelenting and enthusiastic . . . for fifteen minutes!

Have a magnificent day!

ps – this post took approximately fifteen minutes!  🙂