Selecting My Measuring Sticks

Years ago, during a conversation with one of my mentors, we discussed measuring sticks.  Measuring sticks, score cards, stock portfolios, statements of net worth, at some point in time, we all come face to face with the twin realities that 1) we all have measuring sticks and 2) they never show the whole story.  During the conversation, my mentor encouraged me to be mindful about the measuring sticks I chose.

Now, some thirty years later, I am again impressed by his wisdom.

So today, here, on this blog, I am going to announce a change to my measuring sticks.  After all, a man of style and substance should be at liberty to select the measuring sticks by which he will be judged.

I, Todd Wente, do hereby announce the elimination of the scale as a primary measuring stick of my health and fitness!

I am DONE obsessing over what the numbers say first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Instead, I am going to use the following measures for my Health and Fitness measuring sticks

Medical Tests like A1C and serum cholesterol, critical for my diabetes.

The fit and feel of my clothes because if they begin to be too tight, it is obvious that either they need to change or that I need to change.

A fair and honest assessment of How I Feel as opposed to numbers and comparisons of an arbitrary standard.

How long can I play, and how quickly do I recover, because these seem to me to be great indications of my health and wellness.

By selecting these measuring sticks, I hope it is obvious that I am not “letting myself go.”  Instead, I am merely choosing what I believe to be a more healthy (both mentally and physically) approach to my wellness!