Shoes make the difference

One of my favorite movies is Sneakers, and one of my favorite scenes is the one where River Phoenix goes in to Robert Redford and Sidney Portier to tell them about some visitors.  They ask two questions, suits and shoes.  When told the shoes are expensive, they drop everything and rush to greet the visitors. 

I won’t spoil the rest of the movie, you’ll have to watch it, but I love that moment.   It illustrates a point that a man of style and substance needs to remember: the quality of a man’s shoes can make a difference.

I’ve done posts on shoes before, so I won’t labor the point too much.  But as I’ve been acquiring new shoes lately, the topic has been on my mind.  Let me suggest some ideas that may be worthwhile to a gentleman in pursuit of good shoes.

1: Try them on.  It is not enough to be “the right size.”  When making an investment in shors, you want to know that they will fit when you buy them.  While it is true that they will stretch and break in, if they don’t fit when they are new, they may never be comfortable.

2: Know the make up.  Is the sole one that can be replaced?  How well will it wear?  How was the welt attached?  What type of leather (and it should always be leather)? What is the average life expectancy of the shoe?  All of this can be important when making a purchase, especially if you are only buying one pair.

3: Treat them right.  Make sure that you know the best way to care for the new investment.  Shoe trees are a must.  Water proofing, mink oil or polish should be used often to keep the shoes supple and comfortable. 

Other tips are also important, but these are a good starting point.  Good luck!


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