Intentional acts of kindness

I remember several years ago hearing someone advocate practicing random acts of kindness.  The idea was that by doing something unexpectedly kind for someone could have nothing but positive impacts in the world.  I agree, to a point. 

Random acts of kindness are just that, random.  Practiced frequently they can impact both the receivers and the givers in positive ways.  However, I believe that thoughtful acts of kindness can also be extremely powerful.

Thoughtful acts of kindness seem to be sometimes sadly missing in our world.  These acts are more intentional and directed at people in our direct sphere of influence.  Non-manipulative in nature, their intended use is simply to lighten the load of those around us in a non-random manner.

Umtimately, the common denominator in both of these is a single word.  Kindness.

Whether random or intentional, kindness in practice can only help make the world a better place.


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