The season winds down

When we speak of the Christmas season, we typically refer to the time leafing up to the day itself.  After that we typically focus next on New Years Eve, another opportunity to gather with friends and family for fun and merriment.  In the midst of these celebratuons, allow me to suggest an addition?  Consider sending thoughtful “Thank You’s”.

The hand written Thank You note continues to be a mark of a gentleman.  It is more and more rare during this day of text and email.  However, a text or email thank you is also rare and can be used effectively.  More than the method of delivery, the intent and content is far most important.  Whether the note is regarding a gift, a dinner or an event, the more specific the note the more meaningful. 

I encourage you to make the week between Christmas and New Years as the week of the Thank You.  Now, if you will excuse me, I have one or two Thank You notes of my own to write.

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