I am resolute

How would you describe a resolution?  In what ways is it different from a goal or a hope or an intention?  These questions may seem obvious, even inconsequential, but I believe they hold the key to success when embarking upon making New Year changes.

The dictionary defines a resolution as a firm decision to do or not to do something.  A goal, however, is the object of a person’s efforts; said another way, the goal is the milestone that tells us we have been resolute in our intention to make particular changes.  This can help us understand why some resolutions (I’m going to lose weight) are more problematic  than others (I will track my intentional exercise, no matter how small).  One is more like a goal, requiring time to see results, particularly significant results.  The other allows immediate feelings of success and value, build momentum quickly, and are reset easily.

So, when New Year’s Eve was over, were you making resolutions for immediate success?  If not, the year is still young!

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