Making room

The process of making New Year’s Resolutions, as with any process of life changing, is often focused on new acquisition.  I will develop née habits, I will add something to my life that I have never added before, I will be different because of my addition.  Laudable and in many cases desirable things are being sought for.  Yet sometimes the actions of acquisition and change are thwarted by existing patterns of behavior.

Year’s ago I received some wonderful counsel.  After having obtained a new piece of clothing I was encouraged to “make room” for the new piece in my life (and my closet) by giving something else away.  I won’t go through the experience here, but the encouragement was wise indeed.

The same encouragement could be applied to our process of creating resolutions.  If you find yourself having difficulty keeping those new resolutions that you enthusiastically set at the onset of the new year, perhaps it is because existing patterns are Crowding them out.  Maybe making room for the new by first thoughtfully eliminating some old, interfering habit will be the key to substantial change.

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