Valentine’s day is over …

For most of the world, Valentine’s Day is treated as either an excuse to be emotional and romantic or as a commercialized excuse for silly expressions of devotion that may or may not be genuine.  For the MOSAS readers, however, nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, if you have a significant someone in your life, either girlfriend or wife, embracing the idea of Valentine’s Day is something that could be a hallmark of that relationship.

What do I mean by embracing the idea? I mean going out of your way to make sweet and sentimental gestures more than once or twice a year.  Chocolates and roses and spray gifts need not be limited to once a year, and should certainly not be used to excuse other expressions of affection.  Cards, handwritten notes and quick phone calls to simply express love and appreciation give real substance to gestures made at times when they are expected.  And without the continual support, the gestures will likely eventually be seen as hollow and insincere, whether they are or not.

So, even though Valentine’s Day is over, why not take a moment to express love and appreciation today.  After all, Romance isn’t limited to a single day.