No April Fool

Practical jokes are seldom practical and, unfortuantely, seldom funny.  As a result and rule, I typically shy away from April Fools Day shenanigans. However, for those who enjoy them, a few things a gentleman is wise to remember.

First, the goal laughter for all, never laughter at the expense of another.  If someone must be belittled for the joke to be successful, and it cannot be you, consider enlisting the help of a knowing confederate and not the recipient of the joke.

Next, ensure that the joke addresses topics that are fairly safe.  Leave alone topics like family heartache or forced employment changes.  Such topics carry sting and can unearth hidden pain that was unanticipated but extremely unsettling, often eclipsing any humor that might have been gained.

Finally, remember that the greatest laughter will be years down the road at the retelling.  If the joke is a story that can’t be safely shared eventually with grandchildren, perhaps it is best to leave it un-enacted.


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