Pick something scary

Over the past few weeks I have been getting hints from the universe, little messages that seem to be pointing me I the direction of accepting challenging, sometimes even scary things.  Whether it has been a project so critical that I am afraid of messing it up or of allowing one of my children to make mistakes so they can learn their own critical lessons, these scary things sometimes paralyze me. 

Not surprising, really.  A man of substance wants to always be doing things effectively, so confronting situations where the outcome is doubtful and sometimes completely outside of control can be unnerving.  But a man of substance also knows that the frightening things, the challenging things, those are the things that toughen and harden us for the ever increasing challenges of life.  And doing it with style can only happen if we are willing to do it poorly first.

The next few posts will be devoted to challenging scary things.  Hopefully you will enjoy this experiment; personally, it is a little scary to me.  And that is why I am doing it.


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