Simplicity: The Soul of Substance and Style

Years ago, while attending a course on career development, one of the attendees glibly mentioned that they had heard the phrase, “If you can’t put your idea on a business card, you don’t have a clear idea!”  I remember thinking to myself, “That is both profound and improbable!”  Some ideas are really complex, and sometimes a business card is a little too small.  Could something of any real value be communicated on the back of a business card?

I’ve wondered that many times in my life.  Beyond a website address, a phone number (for texting of course) and an address (for use with google maps for directions) the back of a business card seems pretty insufficient.

I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about the statement, and about the size of a business card.  For a while, my solution was to get a bigger business card, specifically having 3×5 cards printed with my name and relevant contact information.  I thought that, with this, I could give myself a larger amount of space on which to write my ideas.

However, as time has progressed, I have come to think differently on this statement.  I have come to see this statement as an invitation to simplicity.  

Life is funny.  It starts simple, becomes complex and, I’m told, becomes simple again.  It’s simple when we are developing the fundamental skills of being a person, of learning to exist with our fellow human beings; simplicity is a hallmark of innocence and childhood.  As we grow, we learn about complexity and compromise.  We learn that maintaining simplicity is challenging at best.  But if we are very, very fortunate, we can hold on to some simple things throughout our lives.

My livelihood has been built around taking complex ideas and finding ways to simplify them so that others can absorb them more easily and quickly.  Complexity enters quickly enough, but when the simplicity can be remembered, problems and challenges can be seen in a different light.  They become more solvable, more approachable.  Like knowledge and wisdom, complexity and simplicity are two sides of the same coin.

Back to the statement of putting an idea on the back of a business card, I have learned that there are a good many clear ideas that need more space than that allows.  But simplicity, even if it takes more space, is desirable.  Simplicity, in both Style and Substance is something that can be pursued, found and embraced.  In Substance, it might be epitomized by a quote, a saying, or a poem.  In Style, it might be found in a perfection of form and function.  Hence, my frequent searches on Pinterest, Google and through seemingly endless magazines.  I’m searching for examples of simplicity.  I’ve found many, and each time I find one that speaks to me it gets added to a list.  Some of them have survived for a very long time.  Others come and go.  But all of them help me appreciate the search for the next expression of Style and Substance in their simplest forms.

If this has been useful for you, consider sharing it.  Better yet, consider how you might summarize it on the back of a business card.  Either way, make it a magnificent day!

Go forth and conquer.


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