Notes from a conference

This may be the longest post I’ve ever composed. It is made up of thoughts that came to me while I was attending a recent work conference. Few of these ideas we’re entirely new, but all of them made it into my scribbles from the two day conference. Enjoy!

  • We need to become more interconnected in our teams.
  • Power is unleashed when we commit to people long term.
  • If there isn’t a plan for keeping promises, they probably won’t be kept.
  • Taking ownership for the work is how outcomes are influenced.
  • When a person is passionately connected to his or her purposes, overcoming the little stuff along the way becomes easier.
  • Harnessing trust requires understanding.
  • original thought during convention everyone is talking about how important it is to develop trust, but no one said anything about how to go about it. . . what about t


  • T
    – transparency
  • R – Relationships
  • U – Understanding
  • S – Service
  • T – Time
  • An individuals mood or state of mind influences communication patterns more than almost anything else.
  • It isn’t selfishness to spend time doing what makes us happy, it is attitude protection.
  • The most important skill is the skill of developing new skills (this is obviously my thought that was triggered by something that someone was saying at the time).
  • To accomplish something more than you have ever done, you must become someone bigger than you have ever been.
  • Purpose turns a job into a career and a career into a calling
  • You don’t move out of your comfort zone; you expand it to include new things.
  • If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together (African proverb)
  • When a professional shares, there is almost no difference between what they share individually and what they share in a group
  • The fact that one impacts another is not proof that one could only be impacted by that other
  • Just because your contribution may be less visible does not mean it is less valuable.
  • The most potent poison in the world is a hateful, ungrateful attitude.
  • Information is the beginning of planning. We must not only be brave enough to gather information, we must also be brave enough to question and understand all the implications of our information.
  • It matters, you are an actor, take pride!
  • One can be phenomenal. One can do amazing things. But as amazing as one is, one is never as powerful as many.
  • The difference between a professional and a specialist is the willingness and ability to something extraordinary.
  • When people have all the facts, most of the time they react positively.
  • The influence of one is multiplied by time and space as others share how they were influenced.
  • We may never know what will stay in the minds and hearts of others, but we do know that two things can affect what they might be: repetition and simplicity.
  • Others may not remember everything we say, but they are quite likely to remember how we treated them.
  • Dynamite comes in small packages!
  • When it comes to family, I’ve never known someone who regretted having (another) child, but I know a lot of people who regret not having another child.
  • Resist the temptation to define yourself or others by limitations. Instead define yourself and others by aspirations and the efforts made to realize them.
  • While it takes all of us to make a positive experience, it only takes one of us to make a horrible experience.
  • Directionless passion is annoying and exhausting. Directed passion is energizing and infectious.
  • Great coaches are masters at asking questions, and listening to the answers.
  • Great coaches use sensible directness
  • Great coaches seek clarity
  • Great coaches challenge paradigms.
  • Great coaches have integrity in their actions and their intentions.
  • The manager gets to the end result by informing. The coach gets to the end result by questioning. — Eric Juhlin
  • Authenticity is the doorway to trust. Is there a difference between being genuine and moving to the lowest common denominator?
  • What if I was being treated like a valued contributor and appreciated patron at every interaction?
  • What if I treated everyone I dealt with in the same way?
  • Do we treate our students the way a customer is treated at Tiffany’s?
  • Products attract attention; service keeps involvement.
  • Information acquired but not applied is undervalued.
  • If you cannot balance your own emotional roller coaster, how can you ever hope to help another with theirs?
  • Growth or fixed mindset – we are all on a continuum. People operate from fixed or growth mindset perspectives.
  • It’s a lack of faith that makes people afraid.
  • It’s just as bad to have an inner dialogue running when trying to listen to someone as it is to interrupt them at every turn.
  • Failure is a temporary event, not a permanent label.
  • The best version of you is when you are happy. That is the time we are most likely to help and serve.
  • Service is a key to joy. Purpose makes service meaningful

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