Big changes

Today I am undergoing a big change in my life. It is a change that I have anticipated, researched, prepared for, scheduled, postponed and, finally, rescheduled and moved up.
Some reading this may immediately be wondering what kind of change I am talking about. I’m not going tonahare that today, because this post isn’t about the actual change, but about some of the things that we each deal with as we contemplate and undergo big changes.
Last night, going to bed, I thought about the routines that would change for me in less than 24 hours. Simple routines that has been part of my life for the past 40 years or more would be ending. New ones will form, to be sure, but 4 decades of predictability will disappear in a few seconds.
That can be scary and unsettling and exhileratiing and exciting, all at the same time. At least it was for me.
As the morning moved from dark to Dawn to sunrise, I found myself thinking about how many other daily routines may be impacted. Little choices, barely worth a moment’s contemplation, are about to be rendered completely unnecessary. Habits that I don’t even think about will become things I used to do.
Such is life!
We encounter choices every day, some mundane and some momentous. Perhaps the surest way of determining which is which is by assessing how profoundly the choice will impact the other routines of life.
Through that lens, today will be quite momentous indeed.
But another way to evaluate them might be on how radically the choices and events alter our ability to maintain the relationships and values that have been established along the way.
Viewed that way, today’s change is a really insignificant thing.
Perhaps the greatest challenge faced by men and women of style and substance is clearly identifying the difference between something being momentous and mundane.
Here’s hoping we all learn to be wise in those moments

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