Have you ever wondered what it would take to improve your image, just a little bit?  Or maybe wondered at the volume of magazines directed at women, providing them with tips on how to be more attractive, more organized, more effective as a person and a parent, only to notice that the number of magazines directed at men tend to be far more shallow and far less grounded in the day to day struggles of the everyday everyman?  If so, this blog is for you!

Being a man today is far more complex than it has ever been, and yet it is as  crucial as at any time in history.  As men, we are expected to be many things simultaneously.  We are  expected to be stylish, well mannered, rugged, self-reliant, romantic, thoughtful, knowledgeable, grounded, ambitious, gentle, encouraging, firm, handy, savvy and the list goes on and on.   I don’t know about you, but trying to master all of those things is more than daunting, it is nearly paralyzing!  But, being modern men, we work at it.  Some of the things we learn to do fairly well, largely due to the help and mentoring of fathers and other critical male figures in our lives.  Others of the list we barely seem to be able to scratch the surface on.  If you feel this way, then this blog is the blog for you.

My intention in the posts that follow is to map out a journey for the modern man, one that will take him confidently through the contradictions of what it means to be a man of style and substance in today’s world.

The Style page will deal with issues of dress and grooming, as well as touching on the accessories that help a man function in the urban jungle.  The Substance page will address topics of a more personal nature, such as values, relationships, mind set and the type of attitude that heralds success in the various aspects of life.

The Adventure page will deal with topics that prepare us to embrace adventures, particularly outdoor adventures, with preparedness and enthusiasm.  Topics will range from gear to fitness to destinations.  Finally, the Everyday Dad page will profile those fathers around us, regardless of their tax bracket, and give us a chance to learn from them the things that can help the rest of us be better men and fathers.

I hope you will enjoy this journey.  And if you would like to be profiled as one of our Everyday Dads, simply reply below, or send me an email at twente_shc@hotmail.com.  I’ll be in touch.

Here’s to being the best!

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